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roberta m. designs

w e a r a b l e   a r t   f o r   f a s h i o n

sheer inspirations

Inspired by original paintings, these striking scarves are soft, lightweight and elegant. Their palettes surround you in fascinating color patterns - and you easily become a stylish center of attention.  Generously sized to wear knotted, wrapped, looped or draped. Each scarf is literally a work of art.

w e a r a b l e   a r t   f o r   life

not so different  . . . after all


It's a big world out there and people are not doing their best to get along.

This can be a hard concept for a child who is taught to be kind, but sees adults not practicing what they preach. So, we're trying to help children learn to respect the ways of everyone, one t-shirt at a time.

Our cotton shirts feature original paintings with whimsical designs that represent harmony, friendship, and acceptance - between some unlikely pairings. Two is better than one and what a great reminder to teach that living in unity and harmony - no matter how different we may look on the outside - is the best way to live.

Show the world that the blessing of being different is that each of us has something unique to bring.